Our Growing Process

Imagine the best, most flavorful produce you’ve ever tasted. At Soli Organic, we strive to provide that same quality, freshness and flavor in everything we grow through our proprietary soil-based process.

We bring nature indoors.

Every once in a while, nature blends the finest soil with the exact amount of rain, light, and wind. And everything comes together just right for a taste that’s perfectly flavored.

At Soli Organic, we know that nature does it best. So, we recreate nature indoors and add technology to optimize the process. By bringing it all indoors, we can create a consistent micro-climate that delivers that same exceptional flavor…every time. We’ve created the perfect season, every season

We start with soil.

We take our cues from Mother Nature and recreate a living ecosystem beginning with soil. It’s the building block for everything we do. And growing in soil instead of a water-based system, also known as hydroponics, promotes a more vigorous root system, giving us healthier, longer-lasting plants.

Our soil-based, indoor growing system emulates ideal natural conditions, allowing us to bypass the need for harmful synthetic fertilizers and grow 100% organic. This living biological growing system consistently delivers beautiful, healthy plants that are indescribably bright, vibrant, and full of flavor and nutrition.

We’re building for the future.

Every day we’re re-imagining the global food system, improving the environmental impact of agriculture, and for the first time, making it possible to offer affordable prices for organic produce. But why stop there?

We are relentless in finding better ways to grow tasty, healthy produce. More high-tech facilities are coming online to meet the growing demand of making organic produce available to all