Stir-in Purées 101 – No Fuss Flavor

When it comes to home cooking, we’re all about finding stress-free ways to jam-pack big flavors into your meal prep. Here at That’s Tasty, we’re doing the happy dance because our Organic Stir-In Purées are doing just that! Here’s our guide to help you experience the delightful taste of our herbs in your own kitchen, every day.

Are you intimidated by chopping and prepping fresh herbs? Don’t fret, our line of stir-in purées are designed to help you create authentic, tasty dishes with just the squeeze of your own hand. Use as much as you need in appetizers, sauces, marinades, salad dressings, soups, stir-fry dishes, and much more!


ORGANIC BASIL PURÉE: Plays well with pasta, pizza, chicken, and veggies! You basil-cally can’t live without it. Reach for our basil purée when you’re cooking Italian, French, Mediterranean, and Thai recipes.

ORGANIC DILL PURÉE: Plays well with seafood, sauces, yogurt, pickles, potatoes, soups, and marinades. This is the real dill! Reach for our dill purée when you’re cooking Greek, Middle Eastern, and North African recipes. Make sure to whip up a batch of these cucumber sandwiches, too!

ORGANIC GARLIC PURÉE: Plays well with veggies, pasta, bread, meats, dressings, and marinades! Say goodbye to sticky garlic fingers and hello to fresh flavor! Reach for our garlic purée when you’re cooking just about any type of cuisine. It really is a well-versed cooking essential.

ORGANIC GINGER PURÉE: Plays well with stir-fry recipes, salad dressings, fish, marinades, and veggies. Add a pop of ginger with just the touch of a finger! Reach for our ginger purée when you’re cooking Chinese, Indian, North African, and Thai recipes.

ORGANIC ITALIAN HERBS PURÉE: Plays well with pasta, pizza, omelets, chicken, salad dressings, and marinades. Pasta la vista, baby! Reach for our Italian herbs purée when you’re cooking Italian, French, and Mediterranean recipes.

ORGANIC PARSLEY PURÉE: Plays well with chicken, beef, pasta, potatoes, veggies, soups, seafood, and marinades. Don’t let flavor parsley by! Reach for our parsley purée when you’re cooking French, Italian, Mediterranean, North African and Spanish recipes. We’ve got a recipe everyone will be rooting for right here.

ORGANIC SPICY HARISSA PURÉE: Plays well with burgers, chicken wings, tacos, veggies, hummus, and eggs. Feel’n hot, hot, hot! Reach for our spicy harissa purée when you’re cooking anything that you’d like to add a bit of heat too. Pairs especially well with Chinese, Greek, North African, Mexican, and Thai recipes.

ORGANIC SUNDRIED TOMATO PURÉE: Plays well with veggies, pasta, chicken, soups, spreads, and marinades. You will love me from my head to-ma-toes. Reach for our sundried tomato purée when you’re cooking Greek, Italian, Mediterranean, North African, and Spanish recipes.